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Server Rentals

Server offers distinguishing features at rentals. The following feature gives clear idea about server rentals and configuration settings. There are different server rental plans for different configuration settings as per organizations needs and specifications.

We at Trinity Infoserve, Provide Assembled or Branded Server on Rent offering a wide range of servers for operating systems (OS) like Windows / Linux / Unix etc.

Trinity Infoserve provides multi-processor server with a RAID 5 hard drive configuration which has fault tolerance supported or a workgroup server for a small network or organization available in esteemed brands like Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) /Compaq, IBM and Dell - for the professional emplacement. We'll configure your server as requested with the memory, storage and backup necessary to keep your business running efficiently.

Trinity Infoserve corporate offices in Delhi/NCR, offers rack mount and tower configurations to suit your organization needs. Our technicians will build and test your server rentals to your exact specifications as per needs of your organization or business establishments prior to delivery of services. Only after confirmed results, we would allow clients to own their servers configured.

Wide Range of Servers

Rent your Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Compaq, or Sun servers and storage equipment from Trinity Infoserve and we will provide you with a full range of technical support including complete configuration of our computer equipment and custom software loads. Your Server rental is guaranteed to ship virus free. Qualified technicians provide phone support. We will install and even remain on- site if requested to ensure the server equipment rentals are fully integrated to ensure that you are satisfied with our on-site services.

We at Trinity Infoserve serving customers with lasting satisfaction with technological investment made with us. We have flexible options to suit different configuration setting. Different customers express their satisfaction towards our solidarity at services and at expected time.

Please enquire us for any details about our server rentals in the Contact Page or call us to get free consultation on server rentals, configuration and testing. We have offices in Delhi/NCR. Choose your convenient location for expert advice and services.

Server Rentals?

Servers List

  • Oracle from Sun System
    • Cool Thread Servers Rentals
    • Entry level advanced server on Rentals
    • Mid-Range Servers at Rentals
  • Dell advanced Power Edge Servers at Rentals
  • Hewlett-Packard (HP) 9000 Series Servers at Rentals
  • Hewlett-Packard Blade-Servers at Rentals
  • Hewlett-Packard Integrity servers at Rentals
  • International Business Machines (IBM) Power-Series Servers at Rentals
  • International Business Machines X-Series Servers Rentals Refurbished
  • Hewlett-Packard Visualize Work Stations at Rentals
  • International Business Machines E-Server X-series Servers at Rentals
  • Servers from SUN Oracle at Rentals
  • SUN Oracle developed Workstation or Desktops at Rentals Storage Facility Devices
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Storage at Rentals Network Products
  • CISCO Catalyst Switches at Rentals
  • CISCO Integrated Services Routers at Rentals