Why Rental

A lot of MNCs / Private Limited firms today are going for Rented PC instead of buying them thereby saving a lot on one time investments and then putting this saved money on their core businesses. With more than 4000 computers at different client's locations we are one of the leading Computer providers to our clients on rentals. The Benefits of having computer on rent instead of buying are numerous. A few of which includes

  • Saves huge one-time investments
  • Saved cost on hiring Trained Engineers for maintenance
  • Prompt Service
  • AMC/Warranty on all equipment's including Monitors/Hard Disks
  • Rent your Computer or other IT requirements including Laptops, Servers, and networking equipment's in order to gain tax benefits, conserve your cash, beat technological obsolescence and establish a flexible, efficient and cost effective financial tool to fund your business progress No dead investment in case requirement changes in future due to technological advancement and / or
  • increase in workload.
  • No Maintenance Cost.

Buy Vs. Rent

  • The initial outlay for needed equipment may be too much. Your business may have to tie up lines of credit or cough up a hefty sum to acquire the equipment it needs. Those lines of credit and funds could be used elsewhere for marketing, advertising or other functions that can help grow your business.
  • Eventually, you're stuck with outdated equipment. Computer technology becomes outdated quickly. A growing small business may need to refresh its technology in some areas every 18 months. That means you are eventually stuck with outdated equipment that you must donate, sell or recycle.

How does renting through Trinity Infoserve your money?

  • The rent you pay is tax deductible.
  • Conserves valuable capital and improves cash flow.
  • Our regular clients appreciate our swift and professional timely services as well as the technical support and backup during the rental period.
  • Our full array of products and services will enable you to grow your business with the peace of mind that your infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Our expertise ranges from setting up the complex infrastructure to the simple ones.
  • Equipment is paid for over its useful working life without the burden of ownership or disposal.
  • Allows acquisitions to be driven by needs, not budgets and caters for future change.
  • Low initial outlay
  • Eventually stuck with outdated equipment that you must donate, sell or recycle.

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